Question: If you never went in the ocean, could you ever get eaten by a shark?

Answer: You probably answered “No”. Generally speaking, “No” would be a correct response. However, if you were dealing with the baddest shark of all time (Jaws), “No” would be a completely incorrect response.

Jaws was not like the other sharks, he was next level aggressive! Jaws did not wait on his opponents to get in the water. Jaws jumped in the boat! Jaws ate the Captain!

Eat the Captain Football is about being next level aggressive. It is about being committed to “jumping in the boat” and is designed with all levels of football in mind. The mission is to create a mindset around our game that generates enthusiasm and creates excitement and development for coaches of any age players. A unique scheme, position specific skill development, practice organization, and play calling, in a BLITZ CRAZY defense are the tools we strive to master. The goal is to create an "Eat the Captain" mindset and to help players and coaches of every age have way more fun and limitless shark head celebrations!


Coach Clarence Holley

Coach Holley has a passion for coaching football and especially defensive football. He believes that every paly is an opportunity to "Eat the Captain" and is known for generating enthusiasm among those he coaches.

Coaching Experience
  •  Over 30 years of coaching football at all levels

  • Experience as a head coach, special teams coordinator, and defensive coordinator

Coach Tucker Barnard

Coach Barnard is one of the most successful high school football coaches in Oklahoma and has been a part of winning multiple state championships. He too has a passion for teaching an "Eat the Captain" lifestyle to his players and the youth and sub-varsity teams in his program.

Coaching Experience
  • Head Football Coach, Defensive Coordinator, Offensive Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator

  • Coach also serves as the Athletic Director at his high school